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 Multi MapleStory (MultiMs but better) [FacingIssuesAfter.87Patch]

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PostSubject: Multi MapleStory (MultiMs but better) [FacingIssuesAfter.87Patch]   June 18th 2010, 10:24 pm

Description says it all, currently me and sam are using this program. Works great!

For Windows 7 and vista plz run as administrator.
Works with Windows XP also.

I take no credits for this.

W8babyMultiClient: ?t5zjzfnmfgm


How to get it working(image heavy):

For launching more than 1 click launch in the bottom right corner again. Also do not turn off the multi client or else you will get dc'd from all maples that are opened.
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Multi MapleStory (MultiMs but better) [FacingIssuesAfter.87Patch]
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