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 Create a favicon [Ended]

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PostSubject: Create a favicon [Ended]   July 21st 2010, 11:39 am

The objective of this event is to create a favicon
for the forums.

It is the image that is above in the title. For example googles favicon is:


Design a favicon for the forums, obeying these limitations:

- The image can be any size, just not exceeding 500 x 500 or under 30 x 30
- The image must be in a .PNG file extension.
- The image must also have a transparent overlay and background.
- The image must also represent the guild in some form or manner.
- You may not use the Guild emblem as the favicon.

Things you may look into these suggestions as to what I see Radiance as:

- Light
- Flares
-The sun?
-Some people have even used the phoenix.


Quote :
First place: 30,000,000 Meso,
it will also influence the design of the next look for the forums!

Second Place: Two Onyx Apples.

Thank you everyone else who participated!
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Create a favicon [Ended]
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