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 (copypasta) Problems with the V. 86 update...update!

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PostSubject: (copypasta) Problems with the V. 86 update...update!   June 22nd 2010, 10:06 pm

Just in case you didn't check it on the website

Quote :
Dear Maplers,

We have been aware of the below issues hindering your MapleStory experience and are working to fix them as soon as possible. Please bear with us while we resolve them and we apologize for the inconvenience these issues may be causing.

    1. Too many Friend Finder Megaphone smegas.
    2. Game crashes when the quest window is opened after completing two Golden Temple quests and two Mirror mode quests.
    3. Robin the Walking Encyclopedia’s Beginner tutorial quest cannot be completed.
    4. Cannot enter the Ravana boss map (normal and in Mirror mode) in the Golden Temple even after collecting five Sunbursts.
    5. Storage and Delivery NPCs cannot be opened in Scania, and the map portals, Cash Shop, and MTS becomes inaccessible afterwards.
    6. Clicking on the players at the bottom of the search list from the Find Friend list does not highlight the selected players.
    7. Jobs of some friend candidates from the Find Friend’s list are invisible.
    8. Both Maple Life Type A and Maple Life Type B are not working.
    If you have purchased the item, please do not use it but do hold on to it until further notice.
    9. “T-1227’s Mission: Collect Parts” mission expires when the player changes channels, enter MTS, or enter the Cash Shop.
    Please complete the quest before doing any of the three as once the quest expires it will not be playable again for a week.
    10. Grats Nips on 200

Thank you for your patience.
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(copypasta) Problems with the V. 86 update...update!
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