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 Maple Times

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PostSubject: Maple Times   June 26th 2010, 3:37 am

Quote :

Dateline: Henesys, June 25, 2010

The Return of the Explorers has electrified MapleStory and breathed new life into these classic characters! With that in mind, AcornStory this week offers some advice in choosing your Explorer wisely. We've also got a slew of great events including a MapleStory scavenger hunt, GM events, and some great sales on fun stuff for everyone -- including Pink Bean gear! Is the adorable monster boss close to getting defeated? We'll find out! We're also celebrating reaching 125,000 Facebook fans with an awesome giveaway you're going to want to check out. Be sure to check Maple Times every week for everything you need to know about MapleStory.

AcornStory: Choosing the Explorer that's Right for You

In the last AcornStory, we discussed how to pick a character type that fits your play style. This time, we’ll be focusing in on a specific character type – the Explorer – and talking about what happens when you start playing.

Who will you be?

MapleStory Achievement: 125K Contest Giveaway

Right before our very own eyes we’ve gained over 125,000 MapleStory fans on Facebook! Thank you for being a fan of the game! Your support keeps us going. As a thank you, we will be running a mini-contest giving away three MapleStory Paparazzi Packages!

Get the details

June 26 2X EXP and Drop Event

We know there have been disruptions in the service lately, including an unscheduled patch, and we would like to thank you for playing MapleStory. To show our appreciation, we’re having a 2x EXP and Drop event this Saturday.

Get the details

A Fresh Start in MapleStory!

June is a month for new beginnings. Perhaps you’d like to give an old character new life or just make a new start with the person of your dreams. This is the month to do it!

Get the details!

Ongoing: Celebrate a Month of Pride and Joy!

It’s June. It’s the month that offers perfect weather for whatever you want to celebrate. That’s why all of Maple World is in the mood to celebrate “pride and joy!” Check out this month’s Web events and help celebrate your perfect moments!

Check out June's events

5th Anniversary Event Spirit Winners!

Wow, what a party! We asked you to show your 5th Anniversary spirit and you all responded in a big way! Check out the winning Mapler-created Anniversary Wallpapers some great survey topics we’ll be using in the near future!

Congrats to all our winners!

Ongoing: June GM Events

It’s almost summer! Are you ready for some hot fun under the Maple sun with the GMs? Check out what we’ve got planned for you.

Get the details here!

Maple Marketplace

Think Pink!

All over Maple World, Explorers are enjoying their newly rebalanced powers and testing their new skills--and some of them are beginning to wonder whether this is the time when Pink Bean, the ultimate boss might be defeated. Before you head off to Time Temple though, stop by the Cash Shop and check out the deadly cute Pink Bean gear.

Aggressively Cute!

The Permanent Item Option is Here!

You’ve searched through pages and pages of hats, tops, and accessories, but you’ve finally found it; the one item that will pull your ensemble together and make you the hottest Mapler around! It’s everything you’ve ever wanted in an item, but are you ready to make a permanent commitment? Well now you can! Many of your favorite items can now be purchased permanently!

Get the details

Gachapon Exploration!

Explorers are back! And just as Explorers are discovering their new power, so too is Gachapon reveling in all kinds of new items to delight Explorers and every other Maple class!

Get some great gear!

Need Space?

Who doesn’t? Maple World is a bounty of treasures to find, but from time to time we all need a bit more space to keep our treasures safe! Well, from June 23 through June 29, 2010 all types of storage slots will be on sale!

Get some elbow room!


There’s gold (and goals) out there in Maple World! Check out these incredible “Goal-den” items! And for those of you Cash Shop beginners who didn’t take advantage of the first Special Discount Package, we’re offering a whole new package!


One a Day Sale

There are so many reasons to log in to MapleStory every day, but from June 16 to July 13, 2010, we’re giving you one great reason every day--the incredible MapleStory One a Day sale!

Get the details

Maple Community

The Maple Scavenger Hunt!

Do you have an eye for spotting things out of the ordinary? Over the past week a mini-event has been held every weekday on the MapleStory forums, Twitter and Facebook. The winner is rewarded with 10,000 Maple Points. Check our social sites for what’s been going on and keep your eye out for when the next event will be held.

MapleStory Facebook I'm too lazy to link

MapleStory Forums I'm too lazy to link

MapleStory Twitter I'm too lazy to link

Maple on Facebook

We've reacheed 125,000 Facebook fans for MapleStory! Becoming a Facebook fan means you can hang with the coolest Maple community around, get the inside scoop on MapleStory, learn about in-game events and take part in some fun activities and win some great contests. Call your friends, family and everyone you know and join the official MapleStory Facebook page!

Have you joined us on Facebook yet?

I'm too lazy to link
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Maple Times
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