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 Information about Dual Bladers

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PostSubject: Information about Dual Bladers   June 27th 2010, 1:33 pm

So that I can further give more information... (Looking for Korean translator.)
So please do keep in mind, translations vary.
These may be found on SouthPerry, however I did a few of my own extractions + research on my own to compete the things Fiel could not complete. (I was curious!) In the skills section I also applied all of the tweaks etc, that were added in the patches KMS had.
For those of you who said it was an extended adventurer, that is most likely correct.
Reasons: They receive venom, they are a BEGINNER, and go through the rouge stages, nearly same storyline as you would with a standard thief.

GamePlay: From what I see, and from observing animations and videos, the Dual blade class will be quite complex to play (A little higher complexity caliber than Arans.) But of course as with any class if you become more accustomed to it, it will become much more easier through practice. Some of the skills function the same way as Aran, such as tapping ← twice to trigger a move etc.
The class also attacks at a very quick pace, not to mention they can move across the map of Oblivion IV within seconds. View the video below to see just exactly how quickly they move:


Level | Lv. 1-10 | Lv. 10-30 | Level 30-55 | Level 55-70 | Level 70-120 | Level 120+
Class | Beginner | Rogue.....| Semi Dualer.. | Dualer....... | Slasher......... | Dual Blader

Quote :
Blades are the new weapons created for the Dual Blade class. Although the equipment itself is a Thief weapon, only Dual Blades can wield a Blade. Blades are needed to perform any attack from Semi-Dualer to Dual Blader.
Level 80 Blade

While Blades have a lower attack compared to Daggers, they have the advantage of adding much-needed HP. The required stats to wear Blades are DEX and LUK, with DEX usually being the level + 40. Blades have 7 slots and blade scrolls add the same stats as a normal weapon scroll.

Skills: (Take note of MP usage at later levels.)
Quote :

Dual blade Mastery: [Maximum Level : 20]\nIncreases the mastery and accuracy when using dagger blade skills. This only applies if equipped with a dual blade.
Triple Stab: [Maximum Level: 10]\nAttack multiple enemy three times in rapid succession.\nRequired Skill : #cAt least Level 10 on Double Stab#
TwinBlade booster: [Maximum Level: 20]\nUse MP and HP for a short time to increase the speed of the dagger. This skill can only be used if a dagger and dual blade is in hand.\nRequired Skill : #cAt least Level 5 on Dual Blade Mastery#

Quote :
2nd job (30-55)

Endure [Maximum Level: 20]Recover a certain amount of HP and MP. [Lv 20]Every 5 seconds, +100 HP, +40 MP

Self-Haste [Maximum Level: 20]Boost your own speed, then boost the jump of those around you. [Lv 20]MP -30, last for 200 Seconds, +40 speed, +23 jump to party members, 300% range

Fatal Blow [Maximum Level: 20]Use MP to attack one enemy up to 8 times. [Lv 20]MP -30, 180% damage, Attacks 8 Times, 142% range

Slash Storm [Maximum Level: 20]Use MP to attack multiple enemies multiple times. [Mastery Level: 5] [Lv 20]MP -24, 160% damage, Attacks 6 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 205% range

Quote :
2nd job extension (55-70)

Tornado Spin [Maximum Level: 20]Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: → → or ← ← and press the attack button. [Mastery Level: 5]

Tornado Spin (attack) [Maximum Level: 20]Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: → → or ← ← and press the attack button. [Lv 20]MP -30, 250% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, 280% range

Flash Bang [Maximum Level: 20]Toss a few flash bangs on the ground to decrease a number of your enemies' accuracy for a duration. [Lv 20]MP -100, 50% damage, Attacks 15 enemies, 220% range, 70% Probability to Decrease accuracy by 85 for 20 Seconds. Cooldown : 60 Seconds.

Flash Jump [Maximum Level: 20]Jump into the air and use this skill for an extra boost in the direction you face.

Quote :
3rd job (70 - 120)

"Advanced Dark Sight" [Maximum Level: 20]Attack while in Dark Sight. With a certain probability, remain in dark sight after attacking. [Pre-requisite: Level 20 Dark Sight] [Lv 20]49% Probability

Bloody Storm [Maximum Level: 10]A more advanced version of Slash Storm. Attack even more enemies quicker than before. [Pre-requisite: Level 20 Slash Storm] [Lv 10]MP -42, 280% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 300% range

Mirror Image [Maximum Level: 30]Focus for a period of time to summon your alternate self. Your alternate self will attack with you. (Lucky Seven) [Req: Mastery Level: 10] [Lv 30]MP -200, 180 Seconds, Mirrors 50% Damage

Owl Dead [Maximum Level: 20]If your owl attacks and kills the enemy, your next few attacks will be increased by 1.5 times. [Lv 20]MP -80, Attacks 1 enemies, 390% damage, 40% Probability to 1 hit K.O, next 9 attacks will be increased by 1.5 times, 300% range. Cooldown : 60 Seconds

Upper Stab [Maximum Level: 20]Pop your enemies into the air. While your enemies are in the air, they receive more damage. [Lv 20]MP -40, 245% launching damage, +70% Damage while enemy in air, Attacks 6 enemies, 176% range

Flying Assaulter [Maximum Level: 20]Attack in a downward, diagonal spiral to strike your enemies from above. [Pre-requisite: Level 20 Self-Haste] [Mastery Level: 5] [Lv 20]MP -36, 400% launching damage, Attacks 8 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 7% Chance to Stun for 6 Seconds, 320% range

Quote :
4th job (120+)

Venom [Maximum Level: 30]Smear your blades with venom. Stacks up to three times. This cannot make the enemy's HP fall below 1. [Lv 10]Last for 4 Seconds, 40 Basic Attack, 38% Probability [Lv 30]Last for 8 Seconds, 60 Basic Attack, 50% Probability

Final Cut [Maximum Level: 30]Charge up your power to launch a huge attack on your foes. [Lv 10]MP -200, 1100% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, 45% Maximum Strength, 35 Seconds, 250% range [Lv 30]MP -300, 1500% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, 65% Maximum Strength, 60 Seconds, 350% range

Monster Bomb [Maximum Level: 30]Throw a sticky bomb which attaches to one of your enemies. After a short duration, it explodes causing damage to all mobs surrounding the bomb. [Lv 10]MP -130, 550% damage, Attacks 15 enemies, 3 Seconds, 220% range. Cooldown : 55 Seconds [Lv 30]MP -230, 990% damage, Attacks 15 enemies, 3 Seconds, 220% range. Cooldown : 30 Seconds

Sudden Raid [Maximum Level: 30]Attack all monsters on the screen for huge amounts of damage [Lv 10]MP -440, Attacks 15 enemies, 350% damage, 400% range [Lv 30]MP -470, Attacks 15 enemies, 600% damage, 400% range

Chains of Hell [Maximum Level: 30]While in Dark Sight, fling a chain in front of you to attach it to a monster. Pull it close to you, then attack your opponent 12 times. [Lv 10]MP -55, Attacks 1 enemies, 145% damage, 350 Range, Attacks 12 Times, 140% range [Lv 30]MP -75, Attacks 1 enemies, 250% damage ,450 Range, Attacks 12 Times, 140% range (Apparently a useless skill.)

Stack Effect [Maximum Level: 30]Alilatias Translation : your Mirror Image stops attacking and will instead take some damage in your place. [Pre-requisite: Level 30 Mirror Image] [Lv 10]MP -150, 30 Seconds [Lv 30]MP -250, 90 Seconds

Thorns [Maximum Level: 30]Google translation : Critical rate odds with schedule allows. However, party members against those effects is higher if you have a critical damage coverage is limited. [Lv 10]MP -300, last for 60 Seconds, Critical Rate 10%, Critical Damage 130%, 250% range [Lv 30]MP -400, last for 120 Seconds, Critical Rate 35%, Critical Damage 250%, 250% range
and the usual maple hero n hero's will skill
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Information about Dual Bladers
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