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 Follow system

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PostSubject: Follow system   July 13th 2010, 9:55 pm

Quote :

MapleStory is about many things--adventure, excitement, fun, but most of all it’s about friends! Friends are the lifeblood that makes MapleStory live and we’re always looking for new ways for friends to help one another.

Coming on July 14th, the MapleStory Follow system is designed to make helping friends easier than ever before. The Follow system is simply a way to set your character to follow another around without your intervention. It’s a great way for a friend to show you the best way to get to that secret hunting spot or how to get through that dungeon unscathed or just to take a nice walk through a Maple World spot of your choosing!

Here’s how it works:

1. To start following another character, simply right-click on the person you’d like to follow around. A pop-up window will appear.
Please note that the other character must be standing on a flat surface and be within 10 feet for the system to work. The Follow system will not work on characters that are on ladders or hanging from ropes.

2. Left-click “Follow.”

3. The person you are trying to follow must accept your request. A pop-up window will appear on their screen asking if they’ll allow you to follow them. They must click “Yes.”

4.Your character will begin following the other character around.
a. If you perform any action while in “Follow” mode, the mode will be canceled and your character will stop moving. To start “Follow” mode again, return to step 1.

Note 1: The Follow system may be canceled if players attempt to travel through certain portals.
Note 2: The Follow system may be disabled on certain maps.

It’s that easy! Now get out there and help some friends!
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Follow system
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